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The treatment of glue bubbles is an important part of produc

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At present, many manufacturers are using dispensing machines. Many dispensing machines are pneumatically operated. The pressure barrel of the dispensing machine may have some problems that may affect the dispensing quality for some reason. Generally, if this happens, it is not the dispensing machine that has problems, but the external working environment is not suitable. If this happens, like bubbles in the pressure barrel of the dispensing machine We need to check the situation carefully, and then find out the final main reason for the bubble in the pressure barrel, and deal with the glue bubble, so how should we solve it?
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Is it common for bubbles to appear in the pressure barrel? I believe that we all know about this problem, which is certainly not common, so you know what can solve the problem of glue bubble treatment. The reason for this situation is generally the phenomenon of glue contacting with external air during dispensing. If it is normal, this situation will not occur.
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So what is the solution to this problem? It's better not to let the outside air in the pressure barrel, so as to solve the problem of glue bubble treatment.
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