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How to effectively avoid the problem of needle blockage and

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When using dispensing machine, have you ever encountered the situation that the needle is blocked? Once this situation occurs, the efficiency of the production line will be affected easily. Many customers have asked me about this problem, especially the quick drying glue like 502 is easy to block the needle when dispensing, so what is the way to avoid the blockage of the needle?
Flat stainless steel dispensing needle
It is a common problem in the dispensing machine that the needle is blocked. This situation has always been a headache for the manufacturers who use the dispensing machine, so there is no way to avoid the needle blockage. The common problem is that in the present case of dispensing quick dry glue, this is the glue and dispensing that need dispensing The machine is not suitable, it will be easy to occur this situation.
Diversified plastic steel needles
In this case, there are generally three solutions. The simpler one is to increase the temperature of the glue. When dispensing the glue, the temperature of the glue can be increased to avoid the blockage of the needle. The second is to keep the glue in the dispensing needle liquid and try to avoid glue staying in it.
High viscosity silica gel glue
The above solution is just a common solution to avoid the blockage of the needle, and it is possible to use this method.
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