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What needle is suitable for control point 502 glue applicati

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Now many manufacturers are using dispensing machines, and there are various kinds of glue that need to be ordered. Recently, many customers are asking what kind of needle will be better for 502 glue?
Spot apply 502 adhesive
Due to the particularity of 502 glue, if the operation is not correct in the dispensing process, it is easy to dry the glue, and then the production efficiency is reduced.
What kind of dispensing needle should we choose to avoid 502 glue as much as possible? Here, we recommend a TT inclined needle. With the rapid development of the dispensing machine, the accessories of the dispensing machine are also driven by the rapid development. The traditional TT inclined needle is made of plastic, with simple manufacturing method and simple manufacturing process. When using this needle, we can avoid the following situations of glue drying and plugging the needle. Now with the rapid development of dispensing accessories, a large number of dispensing needles have been eliminated.
Taper inclined dispensing needle
Now the technology and technology of the needle are relatively mature. If you use 502 glue, you can use the kind of AB glue dispensing needle. There is also a special dispensing needle for 502 glue. This needle can also be used.
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