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How to choose the fitting suitable for toughened film adhesi

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  With the rapid development of mobile phones, many people will buy tempered film just to protect their mobile phones. The tempered film needs dispensing. What kind of dispensing machine and accessories should be selected for the tempered film adhesive? There is a dispensing machine specially designed for toughened film viscose in the dispensing machine. The dispensing needle needs some tests to better select the needle suitable for toughened film viscose.
  There are many kinds of dispensing needles on the market, including plastic dispensing needles, stainless steel dispensing needles, and other special material dispensing needles, etc. If an inappropriate dispensing needle is selected, there will be leakage of glue and drawing, which will reduce the efficiency and quality of the production line. After several tests, it can be seen that the probability of leakage of glue and drawing is the smallest I know which dispensing needle to choose.
  When selecting, we should also consider the required accuracy of tempered film viscose and the characteristics of the glue to be dispensing. For tempered film viscose, we need a higher dispensing accuracy, so we can't use ordinary dispensing needles, so it seems that we can select small needles with high precision.
  It needs many experiments to choose a needle suitable for tempered film adhesive to know what dispensing needle this product is suitable for, otherwise it may affect the production efficiency and quality of the factory.
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