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Tips for selecting dispensing needles in recommended parts o

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  Dispensing needle in the use of dispensing machine manufacturers look like a consumable, why do you say so? Because in the process of dispensing, there will be needle plugging, leakage and wire drawing. There is still no good solution to these problems. Only through some other methods to reduce the loss of dispensing needle. When the dispensing needle is selected properly, the probability of the above problems can be reduced appropriately. So how should we choose dispensing needles?
  When it comes to choosing dispensing needles, I believe everyone will think of Shenzhen. Because there are many kinds of dispensing needles here, the quality of dispensing accessories produced by the manufacturers of dispensing needles here is better than that of other regions.
  The simple way to choose a dispensing needle is to use these. In terms of air pressure, small-sized needles are used for small-sized ones, and large-sized needles are used for large-sized ones. In the case of air pressure, the dispensing time is longer and the viscosity of glue is high. In the case of low air pressure, inclined needles should be used, The dispensing time is set and the injection needle tube is selected when the glue viscosity is not high.
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