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Three preparations for high viscosity black glue

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There are three points that need to be done for dispensing black glue, mainly in the air pressure, glue valve and machine, to select the appropriate machine accessories, which can naturally realize the dispensing black glue. Our Chinese dispensing machine manufacturers are the machine equipment companies established to meet the requirements of the manufacturers for dispensing, which produce a large number of accessories for various types of glue dispensing, including black glue, red glue, epoxy resin glue and two groups Some glue, etc.
Black glue is a kind of glue with high viscosity. It needs to meet the requirements of high viscosity glue, such as plunger type dispensing valve, silica gel dispensing valve and 3131 dispensing valve. These types of dispensing valves are all in line with the requirements. They are recommended only after the actual verification of our Chinese manufacturers and they can drip black glue. According to the amount of glue, we can choose the style. The flow of silicone dispensing valve is relatively large 3131 dispensing valve is the smallest, plunger type dispensing valve is of medium quality, which can be selected according to your use requirements, or we can recommend it to you!
The plunger type dispensing valve uses a circular shaft core, which can extrude the glue well and has a good sealing performance. It can block the glue flow, but it does not have a back suction function, so it cannot use a good fluidity and two-component glue. This is its disadvantage. It can only be used for the glue with high viscosity. The second point that needs to be matched is the machine used, which can be desktop dispensing machine or semi-automatic dispensing machine. Third, air with water vapor can not be used for air pressure. A filter should be equipped. After the air is dried, three points can be linked to carry out a bit of black glue.
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