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How to choose the appropriate glue needle for the glue dispe

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In recent years, more and more dispensing machine is used in every kind of industry, by the user's favorite. So the use of needles as one of the important parts of dispensing machine, only parts and equipment collocation in order to make it play the greatest advantage, then how to select suitable equipment according to the dispensing needle? In reality, choose the dispensing needle standard is? According to my understanding, the majority of users have such understanding in the purchase of the first dispensing dispensing needles: they are all the same, dispensing needles specifications is not limited; but the fact that this idea of the user is wrong. Dispensing needle selection is very limited, its selection is not so simple.
First, according to the precision of dispensing products, the size of needles should be chosen. The more precise the needles are, the smaller the needles will be, and the lower the air pressure. If the range of dispensing is large, the larger the needles will be, the stronger the required air pressure is.
Second, according to the type of glue to select needles, corresponding for example: this kind of quick drying glue, the glue applied to the safety piston and Teflon lined metal needles, some sticky glue, you need to apply to the inclined conical needle; special glue and UV glue, it must use amber the color of white needle cylinder and piston and oblique needle (to ultraviolet shielding).
Third, for some common glue, such as light curing adhesive, avoid the use of a transparent cylinder, but can use white piston, using the oblique type needle (to another; ultraviolet shielding) glue is special sealant and pasty liquid, if the application of white piston led to the emergence of a rebound effect, can be replaced for the safety of piston, the use of oblique needle.
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