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One of the ways to glue out the stainless steel pressure bar

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There are three ways to glue out of stainless steel pressure barrel: Top glue out, side glue out and bottom glue out. They are mainly for glue viscosity. Some glue has high viscosity and poor fluidity. There is no way to use top glue out at the bottom, only bottom or side glue out, which effectively improves glue fluidity.
Bottom glue discharging refers to opening an opening at the bottom of stainless steel pressure barrel, and the air pressure is from top to bottom to extrude the glue from the bottom. The glue with poor fluidity is subject to large atmospheric pressure, large downward force and better fluidity. In order to meet the manufacturer's production requirements, we also strictly implement the production method for the manufacturer. The advantage of bottom glue discharging is that the flow can be used Glue with poor properties can also be tested.
The most commonly used stainless steel pressure barrels are generally made of top glue, while the bottom glue is generally customized, or can be added to the mixing device, which can place the glue for a long time, and the glue out precipitates. Generally, the pressure barrels will be used for several hours, and some glue water will become precipitates. In order to better production mode, you can choose the formula recommended by the manufacturer Law! This is the most appropriate way.
The glue delivery method is helpful for the manufacturer to use glue. The viscosity and type of glue directly affect the production method. If there is no good way, it is very bad for the manufacturer. For example, the bottom glue delivery method needs to be used. If the top glue delivery method is used correctly, it will lead to insufficient glue supply, intermittent dispensing, uneven product coating, and direct product scrap.
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