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Discussion on the way of pouring out

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There are many ways to glue in and out of the glue barrel, mainly for the viscosity and fluidity of the glue, because the nature of the glue will directly affect the working mode, for example: the viscosity of the glue is high, the flow will definitely be poor, the air pressure is not enough to push the glue from the bottom to the top, so there is no way to dispensing, and the way of glue out of the glue barrel directly solves these problems, so as to meet the industry production Demand.
  There are three ways of glue pouring out of the glue filling barrel, which are specially for the glue of high, middle and low types, so as to ensure the smooth delivery of the glue.
  1. Gluing method at the bottom of the gluing barrel: This is a kind of method for conveying high viscosity glue. Gluing at the bottom can reduce the pressure on the top. From the bottom down, the glue moves along with the force. The gluing effect will be much better naturally, so there will be no problem of glue supply. High viscosity glue can still be used.
  2. Side glue discharging: if the side opening is at the bottom, it needs to be at the bottom. There is a buffer effect for the pressure of the glue filling barrel, and the liquidity of the glue discharging will be improved, so as to improve the product capacity. This kind of glue discharging method can bring better glue coating effect, and then the manufacturer can produce a more consistent demand.
  3. Glue out at the top: This is a conventional way of glue out of the filling barrel. The glue out at the top can prevent the air from following the glue. The air pressure comes down from the top, and then the glue at the bottom is squeezed out to the hole at the top. The air can be kept in the pressure barrel to directly solve the bubble problem. Because the glue viscosity is low, this way can be realized.
  There are three ways to glue out the filling barrel: glue out at the bottom of the paint barrel, glue out at the top and glue out at the side. This has a great impact on the dispensing equipment. If you choose a different way to glue out, you can directly consult our manufacturer!
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