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In nine out of ten cases, the leakage of glue filling head i

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The dispensing head is also the dispensing valve that we often talk about in the dispensing industry. When it is used in the dispensing industry, it is called the dispensing head. If there is leakage of glue, generally, the sealing ring is damaged, and then there will be leakage. If the glue is corrosive, for a long time, the sealing ring will be corroded, and there will be no sealing effect, then there will be leakage.
  At present, the leakage of rubber filling head is basically the problem of sealing ring. If we do not use silica gel pad, it will directly affect the quality of products. For example, if we use silica gel pad with high corrosion resistance and no elasticity, it will directly affect the sealing degree. Silica gel pad is soft to a certain extent, and if it is squeezed, it will have compression deformation, making the sealing effect higher, so as to improve the dispensing effect.
  The glue will be in the glue cylinder of dispensing valve. The axis of glue valve and air pressure are needed to extrude the glue from the glue cylinder, so as to ensure the continuity of glue application. The glue output effect is linked to the quality of the glue injection head. The quality is good, so the glue injection effect will be particularly good. The product quality is based on the glue application experiment of the product. If the glue leakage occurs, the glue injection head will be better replaced or replaced So as to ensure that the glue will not leak, and there will be no glue leakage.双液点胶阀
  The leakage of the filling head will directly affect the overall dispensing effect, which will have a great impact on the product quality. We must prevent the leakage or solve it as soon as possible, which will directly damage the economy of the manufacturer. Our manufacturer needs to improve the existing production technology according to the coating effect of the product.
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