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Stainless steel pressure barrels are available in specificat

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There are many specifications of pressure buckets, from 1 liter to 100 liter, and there are many types. In order to meet the use requirements of various glues, we will produce a lot of stainless steel pressure buckets. If you have any requirements for pressure buckets, you can find our Chinese system to produce for you, with affordable price and guaranteed quality.
  The specification of pressure barrel can be customized. If you need 10 liter, 20 liter or 30 liter glue, the manufacturer can match it according to the requirements, it will not lead to waste of pressure barrel use. If you need 10 liter to manufacture 30 liter pressure barrel, the specification is large, easy to waste, and the cost is high. We will choose suitable specifications for the manufacturer to manufacture, so as to avoid the cost waste of the manufacturer,.
  At present, there are usually 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8 liter stainless steel pressure buckets in stock, and they are all standard stainless steel pressure buckets. Other specifications basically need to be customized, because all the manufacturers will definitely waste a lot of costs, while high-specification pressure buckets are rarely used by manufacturers, and more than 10 liter specifications need to be customized, and glue detection devices can be installed according to the requirements of manufacturers Funnels and agitators, etc., with high liters, are usually installed. If they have been completed, there is no way to install them.
  There are many specifications and types of stainless steel pressure barrels, including piston type, flange type, tight hoop type and standard type. A large number of styles are available for customers to choose. You can also customize the glue delivery mode according to the glue type, and the bottom, top and side of the glue delivery mode are more. Customers can choose the most suitable production mode, which more meets the production requirements.
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