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Mixing tube is mainly used for mixing AB glue and improving

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The mixing tube is also a type of dispensing needle, which is mainly used for the application of double liquid glue. With the double liquid dispensing valve and the glue filling machine, it can be used for the filling of various two-component glue. In the glue filling machine, the glue is drawn from the pressure barrel to the glue point valve for mixing, but the uniformity ratio is low. The mixing tube needs to be mixed again for the second time to meet the glue filling requirements. This is the tube Joint application.
  The application of mixing pipe is mainly to mix two kinds of glue, so that the glue can play the characteristics of two kinds of glue, and meet the coating requirements of core value. According to our existing production mode, the application of mixing pipe is very extensive. From the type of mixing pipe, we can see the function of mixing pipe, including round mouth mixing pipe, static mixing pipe, dynamic mixing pipe and square mixing pipe Wait, any proportion of glue can be used.
  There are many kinds of static mixing pipes. According to the application of glue filling equipment, we can clearly see the comparison of static mixing pipes. There are many conditions for dynamic mixing pipes, which require high glue viscosity and large mixing proportion. Only when these requirements are met can dynamic mixing be used for you. Besides static and dynamic types, there are also round mouth mixing pipes and square mixing pipes These are all mixing tube types, which are used for the existing coating effect.
The application of mixing tube can advance the mixing degree of glue, advance the quality of products, without mixing tube, and after mixing tube, basically belong to two kinds of quality, without mixing, there will be problems with glue solidification and unqualified products, and the application of mixing tube is so effective.
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