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Is there any skill to install the safety valve of pressure b

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In fact, there is no technical requirement for installing the safety valve of the pressure barrel. As long as the water tape is tied on the safety valve and then screwed into the cover of the pressure barrel, the installation of the safety valve is completed. Is it very simple? The position requirement is also very low. As long as it is not the middle hole of the cover, other holes can be installed. The installation of the safety valve of the stainless steel pressure barrel is very simple.
  The safety valve must be installed in place to ensure the safe use of the pressure barrel. After tightening, the pressure inside the pressure barrel will be full of air pressure, and there will be a certain pressure. The installation of the safety valve is not reliable, which will lead to the instability of the internal air pressure. However, the rubber release or the air pressure is not stable, and there will be some potential safety hazards. High air pressure has a relatively large impact on personal safety, which must not be done Thing.
  The internal pressure of the pressure barrel may reach 6kg, which can cause pain for many days. If it hits the fingers, it may hurt the bones. The unsafe installation mode will cause great impact on the human body. It must be operated carefully. It needs to be installed according to the way described in the small edition. After that, it needs to be tested for two or three months , and then re wrapped with water tape, can ensure that there will be no safety accidents, and the time needed to use is very little, do not omit these safety steps.
  The installation of the safety valve of the pressure barrel is very simple. In short, it can be installed basically after the simple instructions of the manufacturer. The manufacturer will also configure the water adhesive tape. The installation is suitable. We must install our production requirements, so as to improve the existing gluing effect.
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