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The best way to remove UV glue is

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UV glue is one of the commonly used glue types. It is usually used to support glue and also stored in stainless steel pressure bucket. How to remove UV glue when using pressure bucket for storage? In fact, it is also very convenient to remove UV glue. It can be washed with alcohol or with glue remover. Both of them can remove the residual substances of UV glue.
  In the stainless steel pressure barrel, we usually use the way of degumming agent and alcohol, and also use the way of clean water. In fact, we don't need too much alcohol, just go to the first layer of alcohol, and then clean it. This method is more in line with the small specification of pressure barrel, which is easier to clean, and the large specification can use the way of clean water, which can be used twice.
  There are many ways to remove UV glue. If you don't know how to solve them, you can also solve these problems quickly. The methods are all written after our actual operation. They are also combined in many manufacturers. Among customers, UV glue removal is the same as other glues. Alcohol and glue remover are the most appropriate, because the needle can be cleaned, so they can meet the needs of glue removal Requirements.
  There will be a setting time for the glue. If the time is different, it needs to be before the glue is set, not after the glue is set. Otherwise, no one can solve it. The same is true for removing UV glue. If there is no dry glue, it can be removed, but the dry glue can't. It can only be scrapped.
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