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Using the dispensing valve can realize the dispensing proces

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The function of glue filling process is very big. Many products need to be sealed, insulated and maintained by glue filling technology. Without glue filling technology, there is no way to achieve it. Some manual technology can be achieved, which requires experienced personnel, and there is no way to compare the speed with the machine. The machine can realize the mixing of two-liquid glue in the mixing process, and then carry out glue filling, which is modern. Glue filling process.
  There are many types of glue filling machines, such as table top type, floor type, gantry type, online type and cantilever type, etc. the types are relatively many, which can be selected according to the manufacturer's production mode. The Chinese system manufacturers exist to meet the manufacturer's requirements, all of which are based on the manufacturer, and can produce customized type machines. In order to change the manufacturer's production mode, fundamentally realize glue filling and allow filling The glue steps are simplified and the existing working speed is improved. The new glue filling process has this ability.
  The function of the glue filling valve is to mix the two liquid glues together and then deliver them to the product. It also has the function of valve. It can place the glue and move the mechanical arm. There are glue leakage and glue dropping problems. The glue filling process to realize the glue filling valve is an essential accessory. From the industry, the glue filling valve is also known as the AB dispensing valve. At present, the proportion of the single glue valve to realize the AB glue mixing is not high, 1:1 2:1 and 2:1 are conventional, which can achieve a maximum of 3:1. Unless screw valve is used, 1:1 and 10:1 glue can be mixed. However, the price of screw AB dispensing valve is relatively high.
  The glue filling process is not a single hole and one thing can be done. It needs all kinds of accessories and machines to achieve. Moreover, each manufacturer will adopt different processes for production. The process is to solve the problem, so is the glue filling process.
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