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The function of stainless steel pressure barrel with pneumat

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In order to be simple, the market will generally use the way of electric mixing to achieve glue mixing, and what is the role of pneumatic mixing? In fact, it's only pneumatically driven. It's transported by strong air pressure, and then driven by spiral blades to mix glue. Its function is to prevent glue from solidifying and ensure glue activity.
  The function of pneumatic stirring stainless steel pressure barrel is the same as that of electric one, but the energy used is different, and the performance difference is not much, but the price of pneumatic device is higher than that of electric one, pneumatic device is less used, and the manufacturing cost is relatively high, generally few people use it. In addition, the motor is a very mature technology, and its service life is also relatively long. The manufacturer recommends you use electric device here.
  Stainless steel pressure barrel is generally used in the mixing device to prevent the glue from settling. Some of the glue is relatively viscosity, and mixing can also prevent the glue from being difficult to come out. There are still many mixing functions! According to the existing pneumatic mixing technology, such a function can also be realized, but the air pressure intensity is required to be relatively large, because the air pressure is small, the spiral blade cannot be driven, so the air pressure should be relatively large, if there is one in the factory, the pneumatic mixing can be used, but the air mixing method is used, and the sound is relatively quiet.
  We also talked about the function of pneumatic stirring stainless steel pressure barrel. If your company has demand, you can directly find our Chinese manufacturer and ask if there is stainless steel pressure barrel used by your company! We also have customized technology!
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