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The reason why the mixing glue dispensing cartridge can not

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Why can't mixing glue use dispensing syringe? In fact, the reason is very simple. The amount of glue stored in the syringe is very small. In a short time, all the glue in the syringe can be finished. If the dispensing syringe is used for mixing, the production rhythm will be slow. The second most important thing is that the delivery and placement of glue are not easy to use, which will lead to slow production speed.

  Storage capacity of dispensing syringe is a disadvantage

  The dispensing syringe has the function of syringe. For example, single component glue can be used for dispensing, while two-component glue can be fixed on the dispensing syringe in advance according to a good proportion. However, one glue is only about 30ml, but the two quantities are different. After coming out from the manufacturer, it is used for dispensing syringe storage, and then the manufacturer directly places it for dispensing. This is not true It is often convenient. The requirement for glue viscosity is to compare the viscosity of glue. Otherwise, there will be glue leakage.

  Disadvantages of mixing glue with dispensing syringe

  The mixed glue is generally transported from the pressure barrel to the glue dispensing valve, and then mixed. The pressure barrel can store a large amount of glue, which is certain. The pressure barrel can also customize the capacity according to the daily usage of glue, and the maximum dispensing needle barrel is only 500cc (equivalent to 500ml glue), with relatively small capacity. The daily replacement of glue is easy to lead to production rhythm mixing and machine correction times Too many, not conducive to dispensing.
  There are also some functions of dispensing syringe. Generally, a small amount of glue is easy to solidify. All of them use dispensing syringe. Because of the quick drying characteristics of glue and the low cost of dispensing syringe, it is better to use dispensing syringe. Why the glue is not mixed? Because the two glues do not mix in advance, they will not solidify, and they will not worry about the quantity.
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