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The glass glue is dry. How to deal with it can prevent the d

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Glass glue may be a little strange to the manufacturers who have not used it, but it should also be heard that this kind of glue. The manufacturers who often use glass glue have a special understanding of the nature of the glue. When the glass glue dries, there are actually solutions. It is required that it cannot be completely dried. It takes a long time for the glass glue to completely dry. Generally, the surface solidifies to solve the problem of the glass glue drying. There are two ways.

  First, after dispensing, clean immediately, completely clean.

  Second, the surface of the glass glue has some solidification. You can use a long wooden stick to pick up the glue, soak it for a while, and then clean it.
  The above two methods can solve the problem that the glass glue dries. The properties of the glass glue are different from that of the low temperature resistant glue. The former is divided into two stages: surface solidification and complete solidification. The low temperature resistant glue is in place in one step. After the glue is pointed with the EFD dispensing syringe, the low temperature resistant glue will be solidified in about one hour. The speed is relatively fast, and there are faster glue. The characteristics of the glue are different, and the solidification is relatively fast The effect is different.
  Low temperature resistant glue is totally different from glass glue. The former solidifies completely within one hour. When using EFD dispensing syringe for low temperature resistant glue dispensing, it needs to be cleaned immediately to solve the problem of glue solidifying in the dispensing syringe. However, low temperature resistant glue, like glass glue, is not easy to clean and easy to stick on the syringe. It needs to use professional glue remover to solve the problem. It needs to compare the production process The cost of dispensing and cleaning to see which way is more economical.
  EFD dispensing syringe is a brand type dispensing syringe, which uses a special adapter. The American adapter conforms to the Japanese and American dispensing syringes. Don't think that all adapters conform to the use of dispensing syringes. If you buy the wrong one, you can't dispensing. There will be air leakage and glue can't be extruded, which will seriously affect the gluing effect. The American adapter is made for the Japanese and American dispensing syringes, only matching With these two dispensing syringes, EFD dispensing syringes need to be equipped with corresponding adapters. American adapters are not suitable.
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