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What kind of dispensing accessories should be equipped with

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  Low temperature resistant glue does not mean that the temperature of glue is very low, but it can work at some low temperature without affecting the quality of glue. We have learned in physics that under low temperature, the property will be very inactive, and under high temperature, the material molecules will be damaged, some glue water will not work in extreme environment, and there are also some conformity. Today, we will introduce the application of low temperature resistant glue What dispensing accessories are available.

  Properties of low temperature resistant adhesive

  t is necessary to analyze what kind of glue is the low temperature resistant glue, so as to configure dispensing accessories. First, the low temperature resistant glue is a single component glue with no fluidity, and its viscosity is about 8000 to 1000. Its nature is familiar with that of hot-melt glue. Most types are assembled in blocks and need to be heated before dispensing. The selection of dispensing accessories for low temperature resistant glue should be the same as that of hot-melt glue. The machine platform The same is true.
  Although the low temperature resistant glue is applied to the Japanese dispensing syringe, it does not need to be equipped with an American adapter, but with a hot-melt dispensing valve. The Japanese dispensing needle used needs to have a high temperature resistance effect, because it needs to be heated to be able to point the low temperature resistant glue, so the hot-melt glue selection standard for dispensing accessories is accurate. After heating, the glue will have liquidity and adhesiveness before dispensing.
  American adapter and Japanese dispensing syringe can be used together. The pointer is used for glue type. Generally, silica gel or black glue can be used. Low temperature resistant glue is the same as hot-melt glue. It needs to be heated for dispensing. Without heating device, it will directly affect the result of glue usage. Now you should understand what dispensing accessories are used for low temperature resistant glue?
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