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Which is the more economical way to clean the dispensing syr

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There are many ways to clean the dispensing syringe, including clear water cleaning, degumming agent cleaning and alcohol cleaning. The three ways are common ways. You can choose different dispensing syringes to clean according to the expensive and cheap accessories. We often use Japanese dispensing syringes, which are usually cleaned with clear water or alcohol. The cost of the syringe is low, and alcohol and water can be used up Rinse.

Cleaning method for recycling

After the use of the Japanese dispensing syringe, it can be soaked in water and reused. It is also a cost saving way. When the glue is dissolved with molecules, the nature of the glue can be changed, and then it can be washed. The second use will not affect the dispensing effect, but some glues do not react with cleaning, such as: glass glue dispensing syringe, storage of glass glue , if the glass glue is insoluble in water, it needs to be cleaned with alcohol. However, if alcohol is used, the cost needs to be accounted. Because the price of a dispensing syringe is only a few cents (30cc syringe price is 0.8 yuan), the price is quite cheap. You can choose not to clean it and use the dispensing syringe.
The cost of glass glue dispensing syringe is different from that of AB dispensing syringe. It is difficult to clean the stored glass glue. Generally, it is not recommended to clean the glass glue. If the dispensing valve is used, alcohol can be used for cleaning. Because the cleaning cost is too high, it is unnecessary to clean the glass glue dispensing syringe. Like AB dispensing syringe, the price is about 2 yuan. The cost is relatively high, and the two-component glue is also relatively easy to clean, because the glue inside the syringe is not enough It will solidify, so it is easy to clean.
If the glue is easy to clean, similar to the glass glue dispensing syringe and ab dispensing syringe, the cleaning steps can be carried out. Generally, the Japanese dispensing syringe is not recommended. The above three cleaning methods of the dispensing syringe can be selected pertinently to see which is more convenient and cost-effective, which is the best way for manufacturers to save costs.
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