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Continuously provide special point AB glue filling pressure

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The glue pressure barrel shall be equipped for the dispensing of AB glue. Unless the AB glue stored in the dispensing needle barrel can be dispensing directly, the bulk AB glue is best stored separately with the pressure barrel to prevent the glue from solidifying in advance, which makes the dispensing impossible. After the two kinds of glue are separated, the glue will not solidify for how long.
  Dongguan Zhongzhi automation equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in providing special glue pressure buckets for the manufacturers to store glue. The customized ones can be produced within three days, and some of them are in stock, but they are all glue buckets with a capacity of less than 10 L. if some of the existing manufacturers, they can buy directly from 阿里巴巴 (Dongguan Zhongzhi automation equipment), or call our website for hot calls Line. I hope I can help you.
  The glue pressure bucket is also called AB glue filling bucket. It is composed of two buckets. There are big buckets and small buckets. It can also be used as glue filling buckets of the same size. Some of the ABS have a large proportion and do not need to use the same bucket, which wastes the cost. In fact, the point of AB glue is not AB glue filling bucket, but the machine and glue valve, which can control the glue proportion within the required range and mix the glue evenly, which is the most suitable And the way of production.
  The main purpose of configuring AB glue filling barrel is to provide continuous dispensing effect of AB glue. How much is used every day can be calculated by computer, so as not to add glue at half of every time, which seriously affects the dispensing process. This problem can be avoided directly by using glue pressure barrel, so it is necessary to use pressure barrel for AB glue dispensing, so as not to add glue frequently, which will affect the production process
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