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Insufficient filling caused by lack of glue can be solved wi

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There are many ways to dispense glue, but the amount of glue stored is different. For example, the amount of glue stored in dispensing syringe is very low, about 500ml or less. The dispensing speed is too fast, and we forget to add glue or the amount of glue required for each product is large, which leads to insufficient glue and filling. Should we consider a better production mode?
  In case of glue shortage, the estimation of glue quantity is not accurate. We are using machines to produce. The first thing we need to do is to accurately calculate the amount of glue needed every day, or the amount used in the morning and afternoon, all of which are calculated, so that the manufacturer can produce a liquid pressure barrel with appropriate specification, but we need to know the glue setting time, for example, three hours later Solid, then only with three hours of glue, after filling glue.
  It is the same principle to use dispensing syringe and stainless steel pressure barrel. The lack of glue is due to the lack of glue in time. If the glue and money allow, a higher-level production mode can be configured. There are differences between using dispensing syringe and liquid material pressure barrel, with different specifications and sizes, and different production methods. Only based on the ready-made production situation can we decide which glue production mode is better.
  The specification and size of the liquid material pressure barrel can be customized. According to the different production amount of the manufacturer, appropriate specifications can be produced to prevent the main factors of insufficient glue filling again, improve the production speed of the manufacturer, avoid frequent glue replacement, and frequent operation is also prone to the problem of poor glue quantity control. The birth of the liquid material pressure barrel is to solve this problem. The lack of glue filling has a negative impact on the quality Often large, the second coating is not up to standard.
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