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What is a syringe

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That first saw dispensing syringe friends should have the same idea with me, this is what it is for? What is the role? I can tell you now, this is called dispensing syringe dispensing syringe. Why is that I can tell you now, it is used in the dispensing device, its role is to make it convenient glue delivery, more smoothly, make the dispensing equipment in the dispensing operations more efficient, more high-quality dispensing quality, glue is more stable, greatly reduce the rate of adverse to dispensing products.
The dispensing syringe is also known as the storage tank, and the storage cylinder is often applied in the pneumatic dispensing equipment as a liquid storage container. With the rapid increase of the dispensing equipment category,
As the important parts of the dispensing needle in order to cater to the need of dispensing equipment, according to various types of dispensing equipment developed for different types of dispensing syringes. For example: disposable plastic syringe piston dispensing, dispensing syringe, American Pneumatic dispensing syringe, UV dispensing syringe dispensing syringe, high pressure and so on.
Although many kinds of dispensing syringe on the market. But the variety of tricks from them, in general can be divided into single needle cylinder, double needle and 300cc large liquid dispensing syringe; single liquid dispensing syringe is mainly used in single dispensing operation, double liquid dispensing needle cylinder is mainly in the application of double liquid glue coating and dispensing operation; 300cc dispensing syringe is mainly applicable to the operation need a large amount of glue, which can reduce the number of dispensing needle feeding, improve dispensing efficiency. Moreover, it can also directly point operation, needle dispensing operation this way can make use of the rubber clean.
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