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What dispensing needle is used for door lock dispensing

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  Two component glue is used for door lock dispensing, while support glue is used. Because the door lock has high dispensing requirements, the mixing pipe is used alone, and there is no way to meet the accuracy requirements. It needs to be equipped with ab dispensing bracket to better cooperate with the machine to achieve door lock dispensing. What type of needle will be used? In fact, it is our common plastic steel dispensing needle.
  The glue comes out of the dispensing cylinder, passes through the mixing tube, and then goes to the plastic steel dispensing needle. The size of the needle can be adjusted, so as to improve the dispensing accuracy, which can be as small as 0.05mm. Judging from the viscosity of the glue, the consistency accuracy will be as low as 0.05mm, the dilution accuracy can be as high as 0.01mm, and the viscosity is high. Using a small-sized plastic steel needle will lead to the glue can not be extruded.
  We also know what kind of needle to use for door lock dispensing. In fact, many needles are made of plastic steel with low cost and high precision. Although the cheapest is plastic needle, the precision stability and high precision are not as high as plastic steel. Plastic steel is used for fixing on the base to avoid excessive steel consumption and cost waste.
  There are also all aluminum seat needles. The cost is about one yuan per needle, while the cost of plastic steel needles is about 0.09 yuan per needle. The cost difference is ten times. Generally, the use of fast setting glue is easy to cause plugging of all aluminum seat needles. Is the cost waste greater? And the cost of plastic steel needle replacement is low, one needle is replaced every half day, and the cost of a month is not high, while the cost of all aluminum needle is relatively high.
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