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What are the problems to be noticed in dispensing

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The use of automatic dispensing machine equipment for dispensing, some installation problems need to be noted, to prevent dispensing problems, causing these problems, generally is not careful operation, some steps are not in place, resulting in dispensing accuracy deviation, product quality can not be guaranteed, these are one of the problems of dispensing attention.

  Needle use

  There are many types of needles, including Teflon, stainless steel, plastic steel, soft flexible and plastic. These four materials are commonly used, most of them are plastic steel, and the lowest cost is plastic. Teflon is used in instant dry glue (quick dry glue), and stainless steel is used in hot melt glue (high temperature glue). According to the viscosity or property of glue, the choice of plastic needle is more suitable for high viscosity than plastic steel needle Good use.

  Dispensing accuracy adjustment

  The dispensing accuracy can be divided into manual and automatic. Generally, one third of the dispensing width is selected for automatic dispensing, and one percent of the dispensing width is selected for manual dispensing. The automatic dispensing has the dispensing delay. During the dispensing process, the glue will flow slowly, so as to improve the dispensing effect. According to our dispensing attention, better dispensing effect can be achieved. The micro adjustment of dispensing accuracy needs to be reset, then moved to the starting point of the product and the receiving point before dispensing.
  The above is the problem of dispensing needle head and dispensing precision adjustment. There are some differences in the use of dispensing valve and dispensing needle cylinder, and the dispensing effect is also the same. According to the actual production requirements of the manufacturer, we can manufacture machines and dispensing accessories that meet the requirements. The significance of our Chinese system is that it exists to solve the dispensing problem and to accelerate the dispensing effect of the manufacturer.
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