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Glue spray technology

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Glue spraying technology is based on the direct relationship between the use of glue valves, different manufacturing technologies, and different glue spraying effects. At present, the glue valves that can be used for glue spraying are piezoelectric spray valves and precision spray valves, which can be divided into domestic and imported ones. The domestic ones meet the international standards in precision technology, are lower than the foreign ones in service life, and the price of domestic valves is lower than half of the price of imported valves.
Glue spraying technology
  Glue spray technology can replace the traditional dispensing technology for the precision can not meet the product requirements, the spray precision is far higher than the existing dispensing technology, for example: in PCB dispensing, it needs to align with small copper pieces for dispensing, in order to ensure the accuracy of the coating, there is no overflow, the glue viscosity is low, the fluidity is good, it is easy to flow in the plane, and the dispensing technology is generally difficult to meet the special dispensing requirements of some products, Using glue spraying technology, the glue is ejected under high pressure and sprayed on the small copper strip. The glue layer is very thin and there is no automatic fluidity, which directly solves the problem of glue fluidity.
Glue spraying technology
  Although the production technology of the domestic spray valve has been greatly improved, compared with the overseas piezoelectric spray valve, it still has a long distance. The dispensing accuracy, service life and usability of the rubber valve are better than those of the overseas precise spray valve, and it is still the leading in the field of the spray technology. If it is used in the very high-precision dispensing equipment, the overseas piezoelectric spray valve is used instead of the domestic spray valve, The cost can save half of the price. If you need any glue spraying technology, you can send samples to our company to test for you to see which glue valve has better effect.
Glue spraying technology
  Glue spray technology mainly comes from precision glue spray valve and machine system. The system includes PLC system, full-time system and constant control system. Among them, piezoelectric spray valve can be fully developed, and only PLC system can achieve the most effect. Full time and constant control belong to simple three-axis system, which is widely used in desktop dispensing machine.
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