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What are the factors that determine dispensing efficiency?

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Dispensing efficiency is directly related to the selection of machines. Choosing machines that conform to the existing production rhythm will result in twice the result with half the effort. This is also one of the main reasons for manufacturers to make customized machines. Instead of breaking the original production mode, they will provide more high-quality production mode and modern production mode. What are the main factors determining dispensing efficiency.
Dispensing efficiency
  The determination of dispensing efficiency mainly depends on the strength of the machine, dispensing valve, controller and manufacturer. The machine and dispensing valve mainly carry out dispensing equipment. The strength of the machine is the main factor determining the efficiency. With high-quality accessories, the power input is large, the dispensing effect is stable, the movement speed is fast, the dispensing problem is few, the dispensing efficiency is improved, and the spraying technology is completely determined by the machine and equipment.
  Why many core accessories of domestic manufacturers are made in foreign countries or Taiwan, because the technology is indeed higher than the mainland, the service life is longer, the dispensing technology is stable, the rapid movement effect, the dispensing efficiency is naturally faster, and the dispensing valve is also used. The price of the valve ranges from more than one hundred to more than ten thousand, and the nature is very different. The spraying technology can achieve the better effect at present To improve the dispensing efficiency and the development of the dispensing technology is to promote the existing production technology. Due to the high cost of the piezoelectric spray valve, which has not been fully promoted, the cost is still relatively high, which is not the dispensing technology requirements. Generally, the piezoelectric spray valve will not be used as the dispensing valve, and the dispensing efficiency is still controlled according to the glue.
Dispensing efficiency
  Although the glue spraying technology has not reached the peak, it can meet more production needs. For example, hot melt glue dispensing in electronic components can use 3131 glue dispensing valve or piezoelectric spray valve. If the manufacturer requires high glue dispensing efficiency, spray valve can be used as the core valve instead of 3131 glue dispensing valve.
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