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What is the maximum pressure type of conventional carbon ste

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  The manufacturer who has not used the carbon steel pressure barrel may not know how much atmospheric pressure the pressure barrel can bear. The pressure barrel we made according to the international standard has a wall thickness of 12mm and is made of pure 304 stainless steel. It can bear air pressure up to 50kg. However, the maximum air pressure is usually 10kg. The air pressure value is also relatively large, which can be used for various types of glue transportation.
  The pressure range of carbon steel pressure barrel is 4 ~ 7kgf / cm2, which is the normal use of air pressure. It can be adjusted from this range. The air pressure affects the delivery of glue quantity, thus affecting the dispensing effect. Why? Because of the small pressure, the delivery of glue from the pressure barrel will naturally be small, and the glue output will not be large, which can achieve a wide range of glue control, while the accuracy control depends on the dispensing valve and the dispensing needle.
  Do you know the maximum pressure of carbon steel pressure barrel now? Do you know how to adjust the pressure of pressure barrel? In fact, it is very simple, because each pressure barrel will be equipped with a pressure valve to control the pressure input from the source, so as to solve the pressure problem naturally, and the operation is very convenient, as well as the video operation instructions.
  The maximum air pressure of the pressure barrel is within the safe air pressure, which can meet the glue output requirements. In order to ensure the production safety, the air pressure will affect the glue transportation. After our manufacturer's test, the air pressure safety is the highest within 10kg, and it is also the normal air pressure. The glue transportation is also sufficient and very convenient. Generally, the air pressure value is 7 to 8kg, and the glue viscosity is low, which can be used as 4kg left Right air pressure.
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