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What dispensing needle is suitable for electronic parts disp

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There are many types of dispensing needles. Is it suitable for dispensing? It needs to be analyzed according to the product and glue. Dispensing of electronic parts is one of our common industries. The type of dispensing needle is still too many. Which needle meets the demand? Today, I'd like to analyze the functions of various needles, the types of glue used and the characteristics.
Dispensing of electronic parts
  There are many kinds of glues used in electronic parts dispensing, including silica gel, red glue and solder paste. Three kinds of glues have three kinds of viscosities. In order to improve dispensing effect, different dispensing needles can be used to improve the glue fluency. For example, TT dispensing needle belongs to plastic needle, with large inner diameter, and TT dispensing needle can be used for solder paste dispensing, while stainless steel needle is used for red glue and plastic steel needle is used for silica gel, which is effective in use The utility model has the advantages that the flexible needle can prevent the product from being scratched, and belongs to a soft needle.
Dispensing of electronic parts
  The type of dispensing needle is different. In the actual production process, it can achieve different dispensing effect, which is convenient for production, targeted production, and is conducive to the existing production effect. The dispensing needle can play a very important role, for example: the flexible needle collides with the product, it will deform, and then it will recover, it can be dispensing again, and it will not scratch the product, which is conducive to product dispensing Many electronic parts cannot be scratched during dispensing, otherwise the effect of components will be affected.
Dispensing of electronic parts
  Plastic steel dispensing needle is one of the most commonly used needles. In terms of precision control, plastic base and plastic steel needle tube are higher than TT dispensing needle. Plastic steel is easy to make, with high precision, lower cost than stainless steel needle, and relatively high cost performance ratio. Therefore, manufacturers generally use flexible needle as the dispensing needle for production and use, as is the case with electronic parts. Flexible needle is generally used for special needs Industry, the number of uses is not very much.
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