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How to solve the problem of glue blocking of dispensing syri

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There are two ways to solve the problem. First, discard the glue directly. Second, check whether the glue is solidified. After it is not solidified, clean it. After the glue is solidified, it is basically discarded. There are only two ways to solve the problem. They are cleaning and discarding. If the glue solidifies inside the pipe, it will not affect the glue application, and can be used again. If there is glue application error It can no longer be used.
The dispensing needle
  After the dispensing syringe is used, it needs to be soaked in clear water to prevent the glue from solidifying. During dispensing, it is more convenient to use one branch of glue. After using, it will be slower to fill the glue. Many manufacturers will choose to fill it and then dispensing to avoid the steps of filling the glue, which will affect the production speed.
The dispensing needle
  The plugging of plastic sealant cylinder is generally caused by improper operation. After dispensing, place the dispensing needle cylinder in water and then soak it to avoid blocking. After production, clean the needle cylinder, so as not to affect the dispensing needle cylinder. The dispensing effect is still good, and the secondary use is also very method without operating cost And waste, will not affect the gelatinization error.
The dispensing needle
  The gluing error is directly related to the dispensing needle and the mechanical shaft. However, a new dispensing needle cylinder is needed. There is glue blockage in the needle cylinder, which directly affects the glue output. The flow is not enough, and there is no way to dispensing. Some details should be paid attention to when using the plastic sealant cylinder.
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