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What factors should be considered in the range of gelatiniza

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The error of glue application is generally a problem in operation. After the first debugging, the second time, due to improper operation, the error of glue application is the most common problem. What if we solve the error problem? In fact, there are many ways, because the error range only needs to change the operation mode.
Glue error
  The application range of dispensing syringe is relatively small. Because the dispensing syringe is used for small flow products, the application is not very high precision products, or the dispensing is controlled manually, the dispensing error is relatively small, the manual control is relatively flexible, so we can consider it. The error range is generally the application of high-precision products, and the effect of manual dispensing is uneven, resulting in problems.
Glue error
  The function of pin barrel connector is to connect the dispensing pin barrel and the controller, which can play the role of air pressure transmission, as well as sealing. According to the dispensing requirements, the product is applied with glue, and then the product is applied with glue. According to the product requirements, the operation can meet the core technical requirements of production, so as to reduce the occurrence of gluing error. This is our production mode, It is also a method to reduce the error. The pin barrel connector has a very big role. It can contact the product to apply glue and then carry out dispensing, and the dispensing pin barrel is controlled by the pin barrel connector.
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