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Semi automatic ad982 dispensing machine wholesale

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Dongguan Zhongzhi automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales manufacturer. Online sales machines include semi-automatic, full-automatic and visual dispensing machines, all of which are mass-produced machine types. Semi automatic: ad-982 dispensing machine, 983a dispensing machine, peristaltic dispensing machine and double air hole controller; full automatic: visual dispensing machine, desktop dispensing machine, three-axis dispensing machine, etc.
982 point glue machine
  They are all produced in large quantities. Many manufacturers get semi-automatic dispensing machines from our hands. The larger the quantity, the cheaper the price. So many manufacturers like to buy machines from our hands. There are also some manual dispensing needles. Although they are not produced by us, they are basically sold at a flat price. We mainly use machines.
982 point glue machine
  Manual dispensing needle or other dispensing accessories are transferred from other manufacturers, so it is difficult to produce all accessories, except dispensing valve, pressure barrel, etc., similar to dispensing needle cylinder, dispensing needle and solenoid valve, etc., which are all produced from manufacturers, so the price of manual dispensing needle we sell is very low.
982 point glue machine
  Ad-982 dispensing machine can be used for dispensing anaerobic glue. Glue can be poured into dispensing syringe, and then dispensing can be carried out manually. Many types of glue can be used, with certain fluidity, and single component glue can be used. Dispensing anaerobic glue is only one of them. According to our existing production machine types, we can create various machines and equipment suitable for your production needs We are a one-stop manufacturer with automatic machine, anaerobic glue dispensing and suitable manual glue dispensing needles!
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