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Dispensing machine and dispensing accessories conforming to

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Anaerobic glue, also known as screw glue and anaerobic glue, is generally used for fastening screws. Different from the glue used in common use, other types of glue will solidify when contacting air, while anaerobic glue can solidify without contacting air. There is little oxygen between screws and nuts, and it can still solidify glue, which is very reliable, but it needs to use dispensing machines and accessories that meet the requirements of anaerobic glue To achieve dispensing.

  Point anaerobic glue scheme

  1. Automatic dispensing scheme: the automatic dispensing machine is equipped with anaerobic dispensing valve and special dispensing needle, because anaerobic glue is easy to solidify and difficult to clean. To solve this problem, experts have developed a special anaerobic dispensing valve, which uses Teflon material to make a rubber cylinder, and uses diaphragm device to transport and control glue. After dispensing, it does not need to be cleaned and used again It will not be affected, but other equipment will not.
Anaerobic adhesive
  2. Scheme of semi-automatic dispensing machine: 982 dispensing machine is used with dispensing syringe to realize manual dispensing of anaerobic glue. The glue needs to be poured into the dispensing syringe, and then the glue can be manually controlled. The control device can control the size of the glue output. Dispensing is also flexible and does not need to design a programming program, so it is convenient to use.
  There are two dispensing schemes for anaerobic dispensing, both of which are in line with the existing production demand. Which mode of production can be selected according to the manufacturer's production capacity and cost? In terms of speed, the automatic dispensing scheme certainly has more advantages, after all, the machine has a high degree of automation and faster efficiency. However, the anaerobic glue should be used within the specified time, otherwise the properties of the glue will change.
Anaerobic adhesive
  There are many types of dispensing valves, which are developed according to the glue type and viscosity. Anaerobic glue has a special dispensing valve, silica gel has a special dispensing valve, two-component glue has a special dispensing valve, all kinds of glue have a proper dispensing valve. Anaerobic glue dispensing valve can also be used with 982 dispensing machine for dispensing. Stainless steel pressure bucket is required, which is also manual controlled. This is located in automatic dispensing The equipment between the machine and the manual dispensing machine has excellent dispensing effect.
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