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Dispensing valve accessories

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There are many types of dispensing valves in the market of dispensing industry. There are dozens of common dispensing valves. Some of the conventional dispensing valves use the same accessories, but there are also many different dispensing valve accessories. 3131 dispensing valve, hot melt dispensing valve and screw dispensing valve have different types of glue and dispensing accuracy, and the matching of accessories is different. The conventional and irregular dispensing valve use different accessories, Today I'd like to tell you about the differences in accessories.
  3131 dispensing valve accessories: there are two gas interfaces (6 points), one rubber interface (8 points) and sealing ring. These are the conventional accessories of dispensing valve, which can be purchased in the market. They are the same as plunger dispensing valve and 2121 dispensing valve. The accessories of standard type dispensing valve are basically the same, and all need to be equipped with the above three accessories. Other accessories are assembled well.
  Hot melt glue dispensing can only be carried out by heating the glue. In order to meet the dispensing production demand, it is necessary to make changes on the dispensing valve and the accessories. It is often equipped with: sealing ring, air pipe interface (6 points), dispensing needle cylinder (high temperature resistance), glue delivery mode and delivery mode are also changed. The function of hot melt glue dispensing valve is to achieve the dispensing effect according to the difference of conventional dispensing valve Better.
Glue valve accessories
  Screw dispensing valve accessories: dispensing syringe, screw dispensing valve signal line, screw dispensing valve machine signal line, dispensing syringe adapter, 24V high-speed relay, lubricating paste and motor controller. The overall structure of screw valve dispensing valve is more complex, which can achieve higher precision dispensing, and the accessories are more complex.
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