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Method of selecting dispensing needle

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  The selection of dispensing needles is directly related to the use of glue and dispensing width. For example, hot melt dispensing needs to be heated to a high temperature state. Generally, the dispensing needles can not bear the high temperature at all. Stainless steel dispensing needles are needed. Some normal temperature glues can be used for dispensing. Many dispensing needles can be selected, including plastic needles, plastic steel needles and Teflon needles. The cost of these needles Low.

  Specification of PP needle

  PP dispensing needle is used for dispensing yellow glue. Generally speaking, the cost and effect of dispensing needle are poor. Yellow glue is a kind of glue with poor fluidity. Using plastic dispensing needle helps glue flow, and the pressure of needle tube is in place from large to small, which can prevent the blockage of needle. Although plastic steel dispensing needle can solve the problem of glue, poor fluidity and poor dispensing effect all affect glue output Effect: PP dispensing needle can be selected for yellow glue dispensing, and the way to select the dispensing needle is based on the glue viscosity and use effect.
  The selection of dispensing needle is related to dispensing width, and also to automatic and semi-automatic
  Automatic dispensing: since the machine is automatically controlled and dispensing, the dispensing speed is related to the air pressure and the glue valve, the glue control can be sustained, and the dispensing valve can be continuously dispensing, and the selection of the dispensing needle is one third of the glue point, which can meet the dispensing requirements and also adjust the dispensing width.
  Manual dispensing: due to manual control, the glue is directly delivered to the manual valve from the pressure barrel, and then from the manual to the dispensing needle. There is no continuous output capacity. It is entirely controlled by manual control. The selection of the dispensing needle is the same width as the outer diameter of the dispensing point, which can meet the use requirements. This is an intuitive dispensing, which is different from the selection of the dispensing needle for automatic dispensing.
  The above is the selection method of dispensing needles. The specifications of each dispensing needle are very different, as are the specifications of PP needles. There are many kinds of them, which can meet the requirements of various width of yellow glue dispensing. It depends on whether you choose the right manufacturer. If you choose our company, the specifications of PP needles are complete, which can meet the requirements of your company for dispensing needles.
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