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What is a double liquid dispensing valve

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Double liquid dispensing valve itself is through the two kind of glue valve, this valve is developed according to AB glue, AB glue for two kinds of glue, A glue as the glue, B glue hardener, as long as two kinds of glue for chemical reaction, can occur only for solidification to need to use. Double liquid dispensing valve, the two kinds of glue mixing and dispensing.
To understand the double liquid dispensing valve, you need to know what is the dispensing valve, the dispensing valve is a dispenser dispensing valve accessories, many are named with the dispensing machine, double liquid dispensing valve is followed by two liquid dispensing machine named, so allow enterprises to know more intuitive for this valve.
Double liquid automatic valve is an enhanced version of double liquid dispensing valve of the present era, the rapid development of automation, gradually applied to the rubber valve, can make the dispensing valve more flexible to use, also let the dispensing machine from the semi automated model into a fully automated mode, this is a metamorphosis of the dispensing machine.
Automation has been all over the whole industry, the production of products of the near future is the use of robots, dispensing the technology also needs greater development, so that it can keep up with the rhythm of the times change, every industrial revolution will eliminate a number of backward technology, dispensing valve industry is the same.
Double liquid dispensing valve is actually a very simple accessories in the dispensing machine in the role is relatively large, but after a series of research and innovation, more and more large dispensing valve, changed a lot of dispensing, dispensing for improving the efficiency in the dispensing industry achievements are all obvious to people although the dispensing valve is a relatively small accessories, but its role as the control system of double liquid dispensing machine is as important as.
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