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How to use dispensing needle is right

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The most suitable type of dispensing needle is the correct matching. There are many types of needles on the market, including stainless steel needles, plastic needles, plastic steel dispensing needles and PP dispensing needles, with a length of 1 / 4, 1 / 2, 1 / 8, etc., and a wide range of specifications for manufacturers to choose from.
Use of dispensing needle
  The use of dispensing needle depends on the dispensing width, the use of glue and the application characteristics of the industry. Carry out the dispensing of yellow glue, analyze the viscosity, characteristics and solidification effect of glue, and select a needle suitable for dispensing requirements. For example, the dispensing applied in the electronic industry is a concave point. If the machine goes up and moves the needle, it will hang to the product. In this way What kind of needle is used to meet the needs? It must be appropriate to choose flexible dispensing needles without the influence of this condition. There are many suitable needles, similar to stainless steel and plastic steel needles, but only flexible dispensing needles can be used if conditions require.
Use of dispensing needle
  The flexible dispensing needle is characterized by softness and no damage to the product. According to the characteristics, select the dispensing needle that meets the requirements. If the specifications in the market are not appropriate, it can be customized as a PP needle. Of course, the demand for customization is relatively large, generally 100000, so the customization of PP needle can be done, because customization requires a high quantity of products.
Use of dispensing needle
  The customization of PP needle is to customize the needle with proper specification and length according to the dispensing requirements of existing products. The premise of using the dispensing needle is to select the dispensing needle with suitable production according to the existing dispensing requirements.www.9778.com链接:www.djjpj.com
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