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Automatic three-axis yellow glue dispenser

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Dispensing process of yellow glue: put yellow glue in stainless steel pressure bucket, input air pressure, transfer yellow glue from pipeline to dispensing valve, control air pressure value by controller, use automatic dispensing machine program system to control dispensing time and glue quantity, and then dispensing the product. This is the yellow glue dispensing process, which uses the full-automatic three-axis yellow glue dispensing machine, the back suction dispensing valve and the dispensing needle.
  The full-automatic three-axis yellow glue dispenser adopts the simple three-axis structure as the support, and uses the three-axis linkage technology, which can realize the dispensing technology of different specifications such as curve, straight line, arc, circle and dot. It has a wide range of applications. The products below 400mm diameter can be dispensing, and the dispensing accuracy is controlled stably, which can be heated and dispensing. Many core accessories are made of foreign brands, Dispensing effect can be guaranteed.
Yellow glue dispensing
  For dispensing in the electronic industry, yellow glue can be used to match the flexible dispensing needle to prevent the needle from scratching the product. The dispensing accuracy can also be controlled within the appropriate requirements. Different requirements can be matched with different accessories for dispensing, and the dispensing valve has the function of suction back, so as to ensure that the yellow glue dispensing does not leak or draw.
Yellow glue dispensing
  The flexible dispensing needle, also known as PP dispensing needle, belongs to a special kind of needle. The needle tube is also made of PP soft plastic. When it touches the product, it will appear soft change. After waiting for the product to return to its original state, it will not affect the dispensing effect. This is the advantage of the soft PP dispensing needle. Each dispensing needle has different characteristics and uses different effects. Aiming at this problem, let the dispensing change Better.
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