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Specification of exposed PP needle

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How many kinds of PP needle specifications are there? At present, there are only five types of Chinese made and sold products, namely 14g, 15g, 18G, 25g, 21g, 22G and 20g, which are just the most popular specifications of PP dispensing needles made by us and also the standard specifications of PP needle series. Parameter table will be attached below. Manufacturers can select the specifications that meet their own product requirements according to the following standard table parameters, and then dispensing can be done.
  There are not many specifications of PP needles. The above specifications are selected by our Chinese system according to our past experience. In terms of needle diameter, we have made a market plan. The number of users and times are the most. We have manufactured these types of dispensing needles. If these PP needles meet the specifications, we can choose from our manufacturers! The customized style needs to have a quantity of 100000, because the mold needs to be opened independently, the cost is relatively high. In the early stage, the manufacturer needs to bear this cost. If there is enough production, the mold design and development cost will be refunded.
  It's unnecessary to select dispensing needles several times. According to dispensing characteristics, needle tube diameter and other factors, it's very convenient to select the appropriate dispensing needle specifications for production. Because of the obvious requirements, it's not easy to select a qualified dispensing needle? For hot melt adhesive, stainless steel needle is used. According to the dispensing width, the inner diameter of the needle is selected. For automatic dispensing machine, one third of the dispensing width is selected. For manual dispensing machine, the dispensing width is the same as the diameter of the needle.
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