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Teach you a very simple cleaning method of dispensing pressu

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In fact, the cleaning of dispensing pressure bucket is very simple. First of all, you need to know how to use many types of glue. According to the type of glue, choose a cleaning method that is suitable for water. Different viscosity of glue and different dissolving speed of water will result in different cleaning methods. The cleaning methods of paint and glue are also different. According to the actual situation, choose a proper way to clean dispensing pressure bucket.
Cleaning of dispensing pressure barrel
  The paint pressure barrel generally needs to use the inner barrel to store the paint, because the paint will remain on the pressure barrel. The whole pressure barrel is inconvenient to clean, and it is too heavy to use. The paint cleaning needs to be soaked, so that the paint can be completely cleaned. The use of the inner barrel is our recommended cleaning method. The second use is more convenient, and the dispensing pressure barrel is longevity Life is longer.
  The manual mixing pressure bucket is also very simple to clean. The viscosity of the glue is the same. Pour a small amount of alcohol into the pressure bucket, then brush the surrounding glue, then pour in the water, cover the pressure bucket, apply the glue frequently, then clean the rubber tube and dispensing valve once, and then pour out the water inside the manual mixing pressure bucket. The cleaning is completed. The machine cleaning is also completed It's done.
Cleaning of dispensing pressure barrel
  This is the way to clean dispensing pressure bucket. It is the way to clean it according to different situations. It is the same with manual mixing pressure bucket and paint pressure bucket. If there are other different cleaning glue, please call us! Willing to solve the problem of glue cleaning for you.
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