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Revealing the function of carbon steel pressure barrel

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What is the function of carbon steel pressure barrel? In fact, the biggest effect is to save money. The price of 1-litre carbon steel pressure bucket is 190 yuan, and that of 1-litre stainless steel pressure bucket is 280 yuan. The price is quite different. Although the quality of carbon steel material is different from that of stainless steel material, a carbon steel pressure bucket will last three or four years, and a stainless steel pressure bucket will last six or seven years, with different cost and service life.
Function of carbon steel pressure barrel
  The manufacture of pressure buckets is based on cost. Because the manufacturer has low consumption cost and low selling price, all carbon steel pressure buckets are used to reduce the manufacturer's cost. Some manufacturers do not have very high requirements for rubber buckets. The price is much cheaper. The higher the number of liters, the greater the price difference. Some manufacturers like to use pressure buckets made of carbon steel materials, which can still store glue and machinery It can be dispensed.
Function of carbon steel pressure barrel
  The function of carbon steel pressure barrel is not very big, but to replace and satisfy some manufacturers who decide the high stainless steel pressure barrel. Because they do not need such stainless steel pressure barrel, there are still some differences in all costs. According to the manufacturer's own choice, there is a direct relationship. To solve the price problem, this is where carbon steel pressure barrel functions. If the price of two materials is the same, carbon steel does not After survival, but the cost of the two is relatively high, and the manufacturing difficulty of the pressure barrel is different, all prices are not the same, carbon steel pressure barrel still has some advantages. It depends on how much the manufacturer likes it.
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