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What are the characteristics of Threadlocker?

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  What are the characteristics of screw thread adhesive?

  1. After solidification, the glue solidifies very firmly, which can be used for bolt protection.
  2. If the glue doesn't touch the air, it will solidify quickly.
  3. According to the metal bonding sealing is very good.
  4. Meet the requirements of high-strength industry.
  5. Easy to use, dispensing directly, no need for dispensing.
  6. Good performance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, impact resistance, protection.
  There are many characteristics of screw glue, which shows that screw glue is a very good glue. Applying screw glue can solve the problem of product fixation. These are real characteristics, which are not and will not be imposed. According to the characteristics of screw glue, several dispensing valves and machines are produced, which are suitable for dispensing, precision screw dispensing valve and diaphragm dispensing valve, all of which can be applied Screw glue, unlike other dispensing valves, screw glue will not solidify inside these valves, and it also has better effect in dispensing, continuity will not break, and dispensing can be carried out continuously.
Characteristics of screw thread adhesive
  The precise screw dispensing valve belongs to a precise dispensing valve, which uses the motor-driven screw method for dispensing. The delivery speed of glue is fast and stable, and the dispensing accuracy control is high. It is a high-end dispensing valve with a price of about 12000. It is equipped with a motor controller and connected to an automatic machine. It is very convenient to use.
  Diaphragm dispensing valve is a middle end valve, which is at the entry level of manual dispensing and automatic dispensing. It can be used for automatic dispensing. The price is 550 yuan for ordinary version and 830 yuan for reinforced version. It can realize one million dispensing. The price of ordinary version is 100000 times. It mainly focuses on the internal diaphragm effect of the rubber valve. It has good quality, long service life and higher cost. According to the dispensing requirements and Choose products in the expense cost range, and apply screw thread adhesive.
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