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What is the role of the calibrating device for the plastic n

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The function of dispensing needles in dispensing machine is very important. It can control the flow rate of glue and make the dispensing accuracy within the stable range. Of course, choosing dispensing needles is also a technical activity, and the use of dispensing needles can play a great role in dispensing machines. Plastic needles belong to one of the most used glue dispensers. Generally, the needles of this kind of glue are all disposable needles.
Plastic dispensing needles are divided into two kinds, the first kind is straight needle, second curved needle, two needles are in order to better finish the dispensing task, plastic needles to play the role is to let the glue entirely on the dispensing position, help dispensing machine to complete the task of dispensing.
Long time dispensing operation of Z automatic shift shaft will appear problem, lead to normal dispensing, this is one of the common problems of dispensing machine, so you need to install calibration device, use the accessories can automatic calibration of dispensing needle position, to prevent leakage and glue the wrong point.
Because before the emergence of Z axis automatic shift, resulting in a lot of enterprises are dispensing large number of problems, so in the stock company developed a new device to control the needle, just to be able to help more enterprises to complete the task for the development of dispensing, dispensing needles and glue machine effects are relatively large, if you have been unable to to solve the problem more and more, will lead to the emergence of.
Although plastic dispensing needles are disposable dispensing equipment, they must be carefully operated. Dispensing process can't be careless, because dispensing is dispensing for some smaller products, so we can't finish these dispensing tasks carelessly.
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