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How much is the stainless steel pressure barrel? Chinese sys

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How much is the price of stainless steel pressure barrel? Many manufacturers must have such doubts before purchasing the pressure barrel. For unknown products, they always think that the price is very high. After learning about it, the price of stainless steel pressure barrel is still the real value. From design to production, each step is closely produced, and no error is allowed in each step, otherwise the product quality will be greatly reduced The service life of the dispenser is not long, but the service life of the dispensing pressure bucket produced by our company is very long, and there is no problem in using it for five or six years in general.
  Chinese system is a manufacturer of stainless steel pressure buckets. The price of all pressure buckets is clear. How much is a stainless steel pressure bucket? It needs to be priced according to the material and specification. Stainless steel materials have different grades. Prices of 201 and 304 are totally different. The hardness is different, the corrosion resistance is different, the cost will be different, and the selling price will be different. Our Chinese system uses 304 stainless steel production pressure Barrel, long service life, good quality, combined with the manufacturing cost of pressure barrel, the price of a liter of pressure barrel is 280 yuan, and all accessories are well configured. The larger the specification is, the higher the price is, and it grows in a gradient way.
  The manufacturing price of conventional pressure barrel is cheaper, and the non-standard price is different. For example, adding mixing device, liquid level detection, adding glue funnel and side glue discharging, etc., all of these need cost, and the price will be different with different degrees. This kind of price can be determined according to the actual situation, because different costs are clearly needed, and how much is the conventional stainless steel pressure barrel It is clear that, in addition to the above modification costs and costs, it is the manufacturing cost of non-standard pressure barrels. This is how our Chinese stainless steel pressure barrel manufacturers calculate, rather than a substantial increase in price. We hold the price of pressure barrels very low.
  The manual mixing pressure barrel belongs to non-standard pressure barrel, and a manual mixing control will be added to the pressure barrel. The price will be higher, which will cost more than 100 yuan. The mixing control needs to be produced, added and sealed. A series of problems need to be operated to meet the needs of the manufacturer. The price of stainless steel pressure barrel manufacturers is exposed. How much is one? We are in Afghanistan There is a surface on the shop in ribaba. You can search Dongguan Chinese made automation equipment manufacturer and find this shop. There are prices of all pressure buckets, including manual mixing pressure buckets. There is a clear table for how much stainless steel pressure buckets cost.
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