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Structure of diaphragm screw dispensing valve

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  The structure of screw valve is more complex than that of ordinary dispensing valve, and its installation is also more complex. It needs to be connected to the designated AC controller. It needs to use the current drive motor as the power source to transport glue and carry out dispensing. The dispensing accuracy and glue quantity control are particularly good, which can solve the problem of glue dispensing accuracy for the manufacturer, and the precision can reach 0.01.

  Precision screw dispensing valve

  1. Equipped with German dispensing controller, 24V AC controller, stable power transmission value setting, capacity control power value, point value control, accurate glue output control.
  2. When the screw is used to transport the glue, the viscosity of the glue is high and still meets the dispensing requirements, which is enough to solve the existing problem of glue transportation.
  3. The pneumatic conveying is not stable, while the current is stable. Now the voltage value is very stable, so is the glue conveying, which can especially meet the dispensing effect.
  4. It has good suction effect and adjustable suction range, which can solve the problem of glue drawing.
  5. It has strong sealing property and tight connecting parts to prevent glue leakage.
  Screw valve structure: dispensing syringe, screw device, rubber cylinder, current module and motor, etc. are combined with these structures to form dispensing valve, which is used for glue storage. This dispensing valve is generally used in industries with very high precision, with a relatively small amount of use and a long time of use for a pivot dispensing syringe. It meets the existing precision production demand.
  Characteristics of screw glue: the glue is not high in viscosity, but it has good viscosity. It will not solidify with special materials, but with ordinary dispensing valves. This special material is Teflon material, which is a kind of glue that does not react with glue. It is especially suitable for the materials used in glue industry. Combining with the characteristics of screw glue and matching with appropriate dispensing valve, it can meet the production requirements Demand.
  The structure of tight screw dispensing valve is very complex. If you don't know how to operate or want to buy a precise screw dispensing valve, you can find our Chinese manufacturer. We have a special dispensing valve for double liquid and single liquid glue, which can match the parts you want according to the manufacturer's requirements.
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