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Do you know the main purpose of dispensing syringe?

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The purpose of dispensing syringe is actually very wide. At present, single component glue with viscosity below 80000 can be stored in dispensing syringe, and dispensing can be carried out. The cost of a single dispensing syringe is about 8 wool. The price depends on the size of dispensing syringe. Generally, low capacity dispensing syringe is used, with low price and large capacity. Stainless steel dispensing pressure barrel is used, with higher cost and long service time Long term, in line with the needs of sustainable development and use.
Use of dispensing syringe
  The purpose of dispensing needle cylinder can only be achieved by combining the controller material of dispensing machine, controlling glue and dispensing. Generally, the speed and quality that cannot be achieved by manual dispensing can be completely achieved by machine. With the continuous development of technology, the product specification is getting smaller and smaller, the manual dispensing technology is limited, and the automation technology is infinite. The dispensing needle changes according to the change of technology world The wide use of the cylinder shows this problem.
Use of dispensing syringe
  In the type of dispensing syringe in Shenzhen, it can be divided into Japanese dispensing syringe and American dispensing syringe. The Japanese dispensing syringe is at the rubber outlet with arc structure, which makes it easier for glue to gather. The American dispensing syringe is conical structure, which conforms to the use of glue with low viscosity. In terms of specifications, there are some differences. In fact, it is not necessary to pursue two types too much, only used in the United States and Japan There are different dispensing syringes, both of which are imported and used by manufacturers. There are many types of dispensing syringes in Shenzhen.
   The purpose of dispensing syringe is to store glue and save cost. Shenzhen dispensing syringe plays an important role in dispensing industry. It is produced to solve dispensing problem, just like dispensing machine controller and Japanese dispensing syringe. Do you know the purpose of dispensing syringe? If you have any demand, you can search for Dongguan Zhongzhi automation equipment in 阿里巴巴. We can find our shop.
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