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Usage of plastic dispensing syringe

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The use method of dispensing syringe is very simple. The use method of automatic dispensing machine is the same as that of manual dispensing machine. First, install the dispensing needle, plug the rubber outlet, then pour the glue into the dispensing syringe, connect the appropriate adapter, open the back suction function of the controller, remove the plug, the glue will not leak, and then adjust the air pressure of the controller. This is how to use the dispensing syringe, isn't it very simple?
Usage of dispensing syringe

  Use of dispensing syringe

  The application range of plastic dispensing syringe is the same. There is also a very simple method. However, the viscosity of glue should be very thin. Control the suction back, draw the glue into the syringe, and then dispensing. This is also a method. The viscosity of glue is thin. The use methods are: for different viscosity of glue water, the viscosity of glue is thick, change the small needle head and pour the glue directly, which also solves the problem.
Usage of dispensing syringe
  We are a manufacturer of dispensing syringes in Shenzhen. At present, there are many plastic dispensing syringes, including Japanese dispensing syringes and American dispensing syringes, with a full range of specifications and models. There are 10cc to 500cc syringes. If you need to use the dispensing syringes, you can find our manufacturers in Shenzhen to produce dispensing syringes for your company. The price is low, the quality is good, but the quantity is needed Low price!
  The use of dispensing syringe is very simple, and there is not much to say. If you have any mistakes in using plastic dispensing syringe, you can find us! 24 hours to solve the problems for you, this is our Shenzhen dispensing cartridge manufacturers can solve the problem.
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