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Cause of breaking during dispensing

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When using the machine for product dispensing, sometimes there will be glue breaking problem. Why does the machine work continuously under air pressure without giving glue breaking order, but there is glue breaking? Let's understand the reason why the machine breaks glue? What is the method to solve the existing problem of breaking rubber.
Broken glue reason
  First, in the normal use of the machine, there is no instruction, and glue breaks suddenly. Check whether the glue has expired problems or whether the glue has special dispensing requirements, such as glue bubbles and particle deposits, which directly lead to the change of glue water quality. In the dispensing process, there are intermittent bubbles, resulting in poor dispensing, particle deposits will block the hose and break the glue, This is the leading cause of rubber break. Combined with the corresponding solutions, the problem of glue breaking can be dealt with quickly.
  Second, second, although the machine does not give the glue breaking instruction, under the condition of full load, the machine program will be wrong, which will directly lead to the glue breaking instruction. To eliminate the above problems, start with the machine, find out the glue breaking reason, avoid the secondary occurrence, and affect the dispensing.
  Any problem that appears on the machine can be traced. As long as the cause is found, it is very fast to solve it. After all, the machine is different from the person, and all depends on the command execution. If you operate different machines, you can consult the familiar technical master or manufacturer. Don't debug it by yourself. It's easy to mess up the internal system, resulting in the continuous occurrence of dispensing problems. This is not conducive to dispensing, to find out the cause of breaking, can prevent product quality from being affected.
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