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Procedure for replacing sealing ring of dispensing valve

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There are several types of dispensing valve. The size of the sealing ring is different. In fact, the replacement steps are the same. The dispensing valve does not need to be completely disassembled, so the sealing ring can be completely replaced. Generally, after the sealing ring is damaged, the glue is corrosive, and for a long time, the sealing ring in the rubber cylinder will be damaged, resulting in the inability to achieve the sealing effect, so the sealing ring needs to be replaced.
  Procedure for replacing sealing ring of dispensing valve
  1. Screw out the screw from the rubber outlet of the point micrometer thimble type dispensing valve
  2. After unscrewing the four screws of the fixed rubber cylinder and removing the rubber cylinder, you will see the axis.
  3. Then take out the sealing ring in the shaft heart, replace it with a new one, and operate it in the opposite direction.
  The use of dispensing valve may require you to learn more sealing rings. In fact, the same is true for the cleaning of dispensing valve. It can be removed for cleaning, which is convenient for cleaning the internal glue. Of course, attention must be paid to the removal of screws, so that the screws cannot slip, so as not to affect the fixation of dispensing valve.
  The replacement of the sealing ring of the micrometer thimble dispensing valve is still the same. According to the existing use method, the sealing money can be replaced at will. If you see leakage on the top of the rubber tube, it means that the sealing ring needs to be replaced. The price of a set of sealing is about 30 yuan, and the service cycle is three months.
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