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What is the axial action of thimble?

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There are many types of dispensing valves. Some of them have different axes, such as thimble, cylinder and disc. What is the effect of these axes on dispensing? Today, I'll introduce you to the axis action of thimble.
Thimble axis

  Thimble axis action

  The center of the ejector pin is needle shaped at the top. There is a piston at the rubber outlet of the dispensing valve, which can just be inserted into the center of the ejector pin. In fact, the center function is to use the glue with high viscosity, which can ensure the fluidity of the glue. The cone-shaped design will push the glue forward, so as to avoid a lump of glue water in the initial dispensing. In the form of the ejector pin, it is necessary to avoid a pile of glue, which is favorable for dispensing.
  Each dispensing valve is targeted for use. The viscosity, nature, characteristics and dispensing requirements of the glue determine which dispensing valve to use. The use of the thimble dispensing valve can be high-precision product dispensing or medium viscosity glue. These meet the requirements of the thimble dispensing valve. Using this dispensing valve will have a particularly good effect, but not these requirements. It needs to match other dispensing valves, Only in this way can the dispensing task be realized. Otherwise, the dispensing effect may not be ideal, that is, there is a problem in matching the dispensing valve. Otherwise, why do we produce various types of dispensing valves? Not to meet the glue and dispensing requirements.

  The thimble axis is the feature of thimble type dispensing valve. For medium viscosity glue, rather than high viscosity and low viscosity glue, the task of dispensing can only be realized when the glue is about 5000 to 10000. If other viscosity, use other types of dispensing valve. If you don't know how to match them, you can find our manufacturer. There are a large number of dispensing valves, and you also know how to match them.
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